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Rockies vs Yankees

ballgameIt had been years since I’ve seen the Yankees in action. As much as I’d love to see the new Yankee Stadium, I had a better chance of seeing them in town. When I heard they were coming to town, I jumped at the chance to get some tickets. I put the word out at work to garner some interest, found some willing participants and ordered the tickets!

Game day rolled around and we lost 2 attendees, but the remaining six had a great dinner and pre-gaming at Lucky Pie before walking over to Coors Field. We missed the 6:40p first pitch, arriving at the beginning of the third inning. Upper tier, section 319, row 2 – great view right behind first base.

Unfortunately, Denver decided to throw some thunderstorms our way, and the ushers made us leave our seats while lightning was nearby. The wait deterred 4 members of the group and they went home, but Ron and I stuck it out. Eventually the park re-opened the upper tier and we grabbed some dry seats under the canopy in the nosebleeds near where our original seats were.

We watched the remaining 3.5 innings from there, witnessing the Yanks’ only loss of the 3-game series with a score of 0-2. Disappointing, but I still enjoyed the much-needed fun night out. I enjoyed hanging out with coworkers without mentioning work and better getting to know friends I’ve made from around town. Coors Field is a pretty nice stadium; I’d love to go see the Rockies play the Mets there later this season, maybe for a weekend game. Any takers?