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Autumn Classic Softball Tournament

Last weekend I joined a group of 13 other softball players in San Diego to represent Denver in the 2014 Autumn Classic. Most of us had played in the DASL league in Denver over the summer, but not all on the same team.

I flew into town on Thursday night and stayed with good friends, Chris and Dan. I got up early and worked remotely on Friday, finishing early enough in the day to tour the town on Shon’s 39th birthday. We had lunch and beer at Carnitas’ Snack Shack and later drove over to Point Loma to explore Cabrillo National Monument and the tide pools. Afterwards, we quickly checked out Sunset Cliffs and then headed to Great Maple for a fun and delicious team dinner. We went to Rich’s briefly to register for the tournament before meeting up with some local friends at Pecs for more beer.

The tournament dragged all of us out of bed early, with out first game starting at 8am. It wasn’t our finest playing – we lost with a final score of 25-4. We used it as a warm-up for our next game at 9am, though, where we hit our stride and won with a score of 31-2.¬† I enjoyed playing 1st base with this group – For only have a handful of practices together, we gelled pretty well. After a few hours, we played and lost our third game of the day.

That night I organized a dinner with 12 friends at Waypoint Public, with great beer, tasty dishes, and enjoyable company. From there, a handful of us walked down to a newer brewery, Modern Times, for a few beers and good conversation. Overall, it was a great evening and I really enjoyed catching up with my San Diego friends.

The next morning, we played the same team we beat (31-2) the day before. They were more lively this round, giving us a run for our money. The score was tied in the last inning and a teammate got a base hit, sending me home to score a final run, winning  the game.

We immediately started the next game, but lost – it seems the 4 previous games had taken their toll and we were tired. Adrian (unknowingly) let me use his bat for the weekend, and I was really surprised by my hitting – somehow I managed 2 triples, 3 doubles, and a handful of singles – something I’ll have to follow up on.


Though we were knocked out of the tournament, we now had time to enjoy the city. I was lazy for the afternoon, cruising over to Coronado before heading over to The Hole to catch up with some friends and enjoy a Flaco Burger. I called it an early night and watched some TV at Chris and Dan’s house. In the morning, I again worked remotely from the house, stopping for a street taco lunch at a new tacqueria, Perla Tacos, and giving Dan a quick softball introduction at Balboa Park. I reluctantly flew back to Denver that night.

Despite being a quick trip, I thoroughly enjoyed being back to San Diego for the first time in over a year. I was able to catch up with friends, visit my old haunts, act as tour guide for Shon, and play in a pretty fun tournament with great teammates.