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A Quiet Day in Bali

That night I slept in the blissful air conditioning… under a fan… under a mosquito net, just in case. The bathroom was open-air, after all. Wayan came in at 8am to make us coffee, omelettes, toast, smoothies, and fresh fruit. At the table I read the villa welcome packet, which explicitly stated not to run the fan and AC at the same time. Oops.

imageChris and Dan were eager to get moving, and they left to walk around town and have more coffee. Adam and I stayed put to have a lazy morning on the coved outdoor porch, enjoying a great breeze as it slowly got warmer outside. Once the housekeepers were done, I did my laundry in the sink and my morning breathing and stretching exercises (not yoga) on the covered, upstairs back deck. It was the first time I’ve done that since I left Colorado, and it felt great to get back to a routine. I washed up in the covered, open-air shower, thoroughly enjoying the breeze and amazing views of the rice paddies.

imageAdam and I left to walk through the paddies on the way to town. The paved walkway soon degraded into a narrowing footpath and soon thre were fewer and fewer villas. We followed the path for about a kilometer, passing numerous ducks and paddy workers, until we were basically walking through a jungle. We crossed a bridge and walked back down through more fields of rice. The sun was beating down on us and the humidity was making us sweat profusely.

Thankfully the road got wider, the villas and spas reappeared, and we ended up in town. After walking a few blocks, we decided on lunch at Warung Schnitzel, an Australian-Asian fusion-type restaurant. Smoothie, water, shade, WiFi. I had chicken spring rolls, pepper-marinated pork tenderloin, and rice, which was a nice change of pace. We caught up with Chris and determined we were near Seniman Coffee, so after lunch we stopped for an iced coffee in the air conditioning and more time to catch up with the world. There were threats of rain, so Adam took off for the villa, but I stayed behind to leverage the Internet access and upload photos.

The congested, narrow streets in town were lined with boutique shops offering anything from postcards to gold. On the way back I stopped for some shopping and made a reservation for a massage at a highly recommended resort close to the villa for Friday morning, when Dan and Chris would be at their cooking class. I earned a dip in the villa’s pool after completing the long, steep walk back. Adam, Chris, and Dan were preparing to go have cocktails near where I had just come from. I stayed behind to relax, not wanting to make the trek again right away.

The evening was quiet and we chatted on the patio, sharing laughs over the follies of our Asian adventure while enjoying beer and snacks. We tried the Inle Lake cigars, but were fairly disappointed. Another great day with friends.