About 58parks

My parents instilled a love for traveling and exploring at an early age and I am grateful for the many trips we took together, wandering the globe. On one of our vacations I picked up a National Parks Passport, canceling each official destination with a dated stamp at every National Park Service visitors center. It was fun, and not only was I learning about each destination’s history, I was eager to visit more.

There are over 400 properties overseen by the National Park Service and my passport was quickly filling up with both dated ink stamps and postage stamps. I realized quickly that I had to be more selective in which places I obtained stamps from, so I focused on the big properties: the national parks. Since then, it has been my goal to visit all of them.

At the time I purchased this domain, there were 58 national parks in the United States. Before I got around to doing anything with it, another park, Pinnacles, had been added. Sadly, 59parks.com was taken, but the reality is that changing domains every time a new park was added is not maintainable. Instead, 58parks will serve to record my experiences at the national parks and beyond, whether it be a weekend bar-crawl in town or a month-long vacation abroad.

Feel free to follow and converse with me on Twitter at @58parks or leave comments at the bottom of each post. Thanks for your interest!